Vice President for Finance

The University’s trusted financial partner

Financial Planning & Analysis

The Office of Financial Planning & Analysis (OFP&A) projects, allocates, and manages the central resources available for operating and capital expenditures.  OFP&A partners with schools and units to guide the budgetary process.  Their aim is to provide financial planning that informs executive management decision making and the strategic planning process. 

OFP&A budget analysts provide a team-oriented service to schools and units, focusing on anticipating needs, giving appropriate guidance, and providing accurate and timely information.  Recently OFP&A partnered with CACS and EA-ITS SIS Finance to build the “tuition and fee tool,” which has made the tuition and fee setting process much easier and more visible for all UVA entities.

OFP&A also uses robust costing systems and tools to aid in the preparation and negotiation of federal F&A rates for sponsored projects and to provide critical analyses to executive management.  Cost Analysis team member are currently negotiating UVA’s rates for the new fiscal year.

OFP&A is currently conducting a fit gap analysis in its pursuit of a new budget tool.

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