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Board of Visitors Announces Expanded Scholarships, Other New Funding

UVA considers student applications for admission without reviewing a family’s financial situation, and is committed to meeting the full, demonstrated financial need of all undergraduate students who attend the University.

The expanded programs will support the University’s ongoing efforts to make UVA accessible for all talented students regardless of their ability to pay and to bolster the diversity of the undergraduate student body.  

The board’s Executive Committee announced that an allocation of $5 million will provide 50 additional University Achievement Awards and support an additional 50 Blue Ridge Scholarships for the class entering this fall, providing funding for each student recipient for their full four-year undergraduate career.

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For Virginians, UVA Offers ‘Unmatched Affordability and Value’

UVA is one of only two public universities in the nation that offers need-blind admission while also meeting 100 percent of need for all in-state and out-of-state undergraduate students.

The University’s commitment to financial aid is substantial and increasing. UVA projects it will award more than $79 million in grants that do not have to be repaid to in-state and out-of-state undergraduates in this academic year. Need-based grants will assist a projected 3,181 Virginia undergraduates in 2016-17.

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