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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement is at the heart of our mission

UVAFinance strives to meet the needs of the University community, and a big part of that is maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.  UVAFinance has formed a Continuous Improvement Committee (CIC) to focus on better training and process standardization in order to produce results more effectively and better support our stakeholders and the University mission.

The CIC works to guide UVAFinance to meet these goals while minimizing the burden on faculty and staff.  Check out the continuous improvement space on CommunityHub, where you'll find practical suggestions on implementing CI in your area, plus tools, recommended reading, and stories from around UVA of how others have implemented CI.  You can also view lots of CI content on the UVAFinance blog

If you have any questions related to the Committee's official charge or resources, or about continuous improvement in general, please get in touch with us here


Lean classes from Finance Outreach

We offer UVAFinance team members a variety of classes on Lean, from the basics to advanced, and we also have a Lean Certificate Program for UVAFinance.  

See the Lean Class Schedule through July of 2021 and register for classes 

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