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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee

UVA's Inclusive Excellence framework was implemented to support our collective diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts in order to propel us on our mission to be a University that is both great and good.   Here in UVAFinance, we support this effort with our own local group, the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee.  

The UVAFInance Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee includes Melody Bianchetto, Patty Marbury, Jen Bari, Steve Kimata, ToShun Campbell, LaVerne Harris, Raegan Harouff Gaye, Anne Marie Cumiskey, Mohammed AlKaisy, James Cobb, and Brandi Van Ormer.

Resources for DEI in UVAFinance

DEI in the News in UVAFinance


SubGroups in the IE Advisory Committee

Guidelines for HR practices within UVAFinance

A subgroup of the Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee focuses on our internal HR practices.  The group examines selection and hiring practices, including job postings, selection of candidates for interview, interviewing, hiring, and internal promotions.  Our aim is to build up our HR practices to support our UVAFinance value of diverse and inclusive teams.

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Sprint Discussions

This subgroup of the IE Advisory Committee hosts biweekly sprint discussions with our colleagues.  Topics of our conversations have ranged from podcasts to videos to articles, and we flex to accommodate current events relevant to DEI.  Topics are suggested by team members, and most recently have been focused on the Derek Chauvin trial, January's Capitol Hill riots, and the symbols of white supremacy.  All UVAFinance team members are invited; if you haven't received an invitation, please contact Patty Marbury.

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Book Discussions

Every other month, the IE Advisory Committee hosts an in-depth discussion of a book, movie, or podcast. 

Previous selections have included: 

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Education

The committee has selected several online courses for managers and employees.  To allow for greater engagement, the courses are offered in the context of group meetings with breaks for discussions.