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FY2019 Annual Financial Report is Available

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The financial partner UVA turns to first

UVAFinance provides the financial partnership that enables UVA to fulfill its teaching, research, and healthcare mission.   Here are the steps we are taking to achieve the goals associated with our vision.  

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How does coronavirus affect financial operations?

UVAFinance's regularly updated COVID-19 frequently asked questions.  

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Future Support Model

Beginning with the end in mind:  creating an integrated UVAFinance service model



In the News

Augie Maurelli takes a moment to recognize the encouraging work done in UVAFinance and in partnership across Grounds to ensure we address challenges brought by the pandemic. Read more on the blog.

Check out our quick updates on the FST website, or just listen in to WFST Radio.

The Finance Engagement team is already making strides toward their vision of an exceptional customer service model to complement Workday Financials..   Read more on the UVAFinance blog.