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University Business Intelligence

The University Business Intelligence Team supports the University’s needs for data-driven decision making.  Through tools and services, the UBI team provides services to meet the needs of our information-driven environment, from transactional and managerial reports to custom-built apps.

UBI, the flagship enterprise reporting environment, is used for most of the central reports within UVA, providing results almost instantly. UBI usage has surpassed Discoverer usage as of 2017, with over 50 modules released to date for GA, GL, LD, and SIS. 

The UBI team also delivers targeted, mobile-friendly visualizations to facilitate data exploration, and school or unit specific reports and dashboards used for departmental data analysis. 

Through their consulting services, the UBI team provides a way for users to work with the tools, building partnerships and a collaborative framework that enables both area and enterprise-wide UBI insights. 

Visit the University Business Intelligence website.